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🎙 News & Updates

🎮 One Whole Hour of Reaction on Twitch

2 August 2022

Nowadays I can barely play Reaction in 15 minute bursts, but this hero managed to go for almost one whole hour on stream. All while fending off the usual barrage of stubborn red squares and insolent purple hexagons.

So check out AeonWaryk's streams on Twitch and follow'em on Twitter for more displays of agony and endurance.

Also a, big shoutout to Starson (Consentacle Monster) for highlighting the game on Twitter and bumping it up ever so slightly.


🕹 Parlez-vous Réaction

7 July 2022

The first review to break English-speaking Youtube's monopoly on Reaction is here, and it's entirely in French.

You should follow Ookamiette on Twitter and Youtube even if your French is a bit rusty. The let's plays are laid-back and the reviews manage to be both in-depth and calming.

À la prochaine!

🎮 Can You Speedrun Reaction? Blue Triangle Gives It a Try

23 June 2022

Reaction's been around for over a year now and it's a pity we weren't able to build a speedrunning community around it. At least not until now:

Enter Blue Triangle, star of the game and a newcomer to the speedrunning scene. Blue decides to give it a try, but things don’t really go as expected. Still, go Blue!

Now let’s see if anybody is willing to challenge the record (or at least do a proper speedrun)!

🕹 Reaction – One Year Later

9 June 2022

It’s been one whole year of chaotically rotating paddles, falling geometry, power-ups arriving far too late, and an overall feeling of frustration directed first and foremost towards that rude little red square.

Merry Birthday Reaction, you cheeky rascal you!

In case you haven't played Reaction yet, why not give it a go? Download it from

🎮 A Haunted Let's Play

15 May 2022

Another one of these brief let's play style reviews, this time from Haunted Husband (no, not the one you're probably thinking of).

As always, show the reviewer some kindness and go follow them on Twitter and subscribe to them on Youtube.

See you next time!

🕹 The Timeless Art of the Written Review

29 March 2022

We've seen some nifty reviews for Reaction so far, ranging from First impressions to Let's plays and raw free-form rants to videos that stick to a script of sorts. But it still felt like there was a void yet to be filled. Here steps in Vulgar Knight, with the thoroughly enjoyable written word review titled How’s That Reaction Time? Try For Yourself.

Quote: "So what’s the verdict? I think it’s pretty good fun."

If you want to read more of Vulgar Knight's work, then head on to or follow them on Twitter.

🎮 The First Review of the Year (and a #Shorts)

2 February 2022

A quick review-cum-first impressions type video is out, this time from our friends at the All Indie Youtube channel. While they did try an innovative approach to the paddle, their “washing machine” technique ultimately succumbed to the rising tide of relentless red squares.

But hey, at least the attempt did provide us with this wonderful short, the first one ever for Reaction.

So if you had fun watching this, then follow All Indie on Youtube and Twitter.

🎙️ Podcasting: Beyond the Loading Screen

5 January 2022

A while ago I was invited by Aaron – a friend from one of the indie dev discords – to hop onto his podcast so we can have a chat about what it's like to be working on a small indie game, finishing it and adding some polish, while also building a bit of hype around it (something I know next to nothing about, but when was that ever a deterrent?)

Sure, we strayed a bit from the topic and ended up talking about utopian architecture, grain elevators, experimental music, as well as the fleeting nature of small games and independent media. So maybe give it a listen:

And if you enjoy it, then make sure to subscribe to the Beyond the Loading Screen podcast on Youtube.

🕹 Reaction Version 1.1 is out now!

20 October 2021

We've just finished uploading the new and improved version of Reaction. If you haven't given the game a try yet, you can download it at


🎮 An Updated Version of Reaction Is in the Works

24 September 2021

A small update is on the way. Besides some much needed bug fixes, it comes with a few quality of life improvements.

In the meantime, perphaps you'd like to check out this let's play by Luke, who is one fifth of the Chaos Counseling collective:

Join their Discord for more streaming fun and friendly rivalry.

🕹 Some More Reviews

2 July 2021

Time for another batch of video reviews!

The first one today comes from youtuber, indie dev, and possibly real-life vampire (as in the chill, undead type, not the toxic kind) PixlCrim:

Next, a more critical tear down, part of this triple feature by indie curator and occasional dev YT Apps:

Now, why don't we play a funny trick on them and subscribe to their channels and follow them on twitter?

🎮 A Few Quick Reviews

22 June 2021

We've reached out to a few people and asked them to share some thoughts on Reaction. So let's highlight two short and entertaining answers, in video review form.

The first of these comes from Regal Dreamer (not an actual monarch), who played the game as part of double feature video in the Indie Gala:

Follow Regal Dreamer on Twitter or subscribe to the Regal Dreamer YouTube channel. Do you have an indie project that you'd like to see featured on the Indie Gala? Then leave a comment.

The second is a fun high energy review, courtesy of Zakaria Ghorfati, who has been covering and boosting tons of great games recently.

Same as before, subscribe to Zakaria's YouTube channel and Instagram.

🕹 Media Kits

17 June 2021

Want to find out more about our stuff but don't have the time to explore the website (or simply don't feel like doing it)? No problem, we've cobbled together a bunch of press kits or media kits or whatever you want to call them. Find them linked below or open them from the link in the main navigation menu.

Mechanical Ink press kit
Reaction media kit

🎮 Woohoo, Reaction Just Got Released On

9 June 2021

Check out the launch trailer below and then head out to and download the game for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Or go to the Reaction game page if you want to find out more.

🕹 Almost there

27 May 2021

So when's Reaction coming out? Well, soon, really, really soon. We have a launch date, or more like something of a launch period, and that's the end of May / start of June. Where? On

[Just look at these pieces smiling for the camera, you can tell by their faces that they can barely contain their excitement.]

🎮 Introducing Reaction, the Puzzler With Falling Geometry

15 May 2021

And here it is: Reaction, the game where you swing your paddle left and right, pushing the endless stream of falling pieces towards the exits on each side.

Here's a first impression of how it all looks:

We've set up a dedicated page for the game, so make sure to check it out for lots more.

🕹 Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 1, 2 … 3

27 Apr 2021

We’re going on air soon, so what’s a less tired version of the "hello, world" joke? Wait, nevermind, we’re on.

Hello and welcome to our humble online abode. This place will serve as a home for all of our games. If you want to find the latest info or some of the older stuff then this is the place, since platforms like Twitter and IndieDB move at a pace which can make it hard to keep track of things.

In a few days we’ll be unveiling our latest project, but for now let’s just say that it’s a game with lots of physics and geometry, and not just on the technical side. The folks pictured above are its main cast of characters, so make sure to check back soon if you want to find out what this is all about.

Until then, feel free to look around this website and find out where you can find us or some of our friends and colleagues.