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Some pieces move, some pieces fall, a piece or two might end up tumbling some more. At least that's how things usually go during your average game of Reaction. You swing your paddle left and right in order to push the pieces towards the evacuation shafts, gaining some of that precious little time before the play area inevitably spills and it's game over.

"Aha", I hear you say, "so it’s a physics puzzler of sorts!" And that is correct. You can play it alone or with a friend in multiplayer, you can go at it in short bursts or try to crack those elusive high score spots.

With pieces or shapes that range from triangles to nonagons (color coded to be more easily recognizable) and power-ups that can clear the play area in seconds or make the paddle faster, the game has a chill dynamic at first and then shifts towards a more erratic style of play once the speed and difficulty levels increase.


  • A single and/or multiplayer experience.
  • Six power-ups to help you get through the evolving levels of difficulty.
  • The option to add faces and expressions to pieces, turning them from cold shapes into cute little geometrical folk.


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Selected Quotes

  • I'd play this for a couple of minutes

    - anonymous

  • It's like a relaxing screensaver

About Mechanical Ink


It's all about games, really. From the first click to the latest skill-testing and graphic-breaking experiences, video games grew on us and became a hobby, not only a pastime. And we all know what it's like to admire an intriguing storyline, to rage-quit an impossible battle or to proudly solve a brain-teaser. They're the things that keep us coming back, pixel by pixel.

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